Astro Race

Astro Race

The spaceship is departing. Start participating in the Astro Race online game now at abcya3 games. Accept all the challenges when entering the spaceship driving game. You will discover so much!

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Astro Race GamePlay:

Feel a lot of fun when participating in Astro Race online game at https://abcya3.net/. Accept all challenges to start this exciting game. Space-themed racing game. Drive a supersonic spaceship and fight for the column position against other players in this super fast, super futuristic racing game.

With proper use of the boost function, you can get ahead of other players and take the lead, maintaining that position by driving aggressively and scoring gold points to be the best of the day. Drift along the contour to speed up and recharge you, knock out other players to stop them from their game, be aggressive, and be a winner. Reach the top league and compete with the most ferocious players in the world. The game has an exciting acceleration available when you join Astro Race at abcya 3 games

You will feel a lot of fun and good luck in this game. We need to challenge ourselves to master and create balance when playing. Breakthrough and create results. Let's play and share the fun with your friends. You will do everything. Join the battle army and super-perfect spaceships. Face even more brave warriors. Success will come to you. Take pride as you surpass your opponents and control more skillfully. The game is very difficult. You will do it. Keep your balance to be able to switch levels. There are very beautiful archival moments when you fly in the sky. Very attractive indeed. It is completely possible to break through and achieve higher results. To practice more skills, you can join some other games similar to Super Car Extreme Car Driving and Zombie Monster Truck

How to play: Use arrow keys to play.

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