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You are a happy driver if you play Rocking Wheels at Pass through tough roads and take fans to a rock concert. They are in a hurry. You must drive fast and safely. Speed up and pick up coins to earn points. Is Rocking Wheels game awesome? You can purchase new ultimate parts to upgrade your car in abcy a.


Rocking Wheels free game is a driving game on our web. You drive a minivan and take a group of rock fans to a concert. They are late now. You have to drive fast so that they arrive at the destination on time. The game is divided into lots of levels. You must finish them one by one on abcy a games. Begin with level 1 and open the rest of stages.


You can upgrade your vehicle by using your money. You reach max speed level 1/5 by spending 250 coins. Use acceleration level 1/5 by spending 500 coins and buy nitro with 1000 coins. You meet coins on the way. Collect them and add petroleum by collecting fuel cans. You can have the nitro boost at abcy a player games. A mini-map shows your routine, so you know where you are. Move fast to cross the finish line in the shortest time. You are given stars. The faster you are, the more stars you get. You can be given maximum 3 stars in each level.


When you collect the nitro boost, you are able to speed up. Get many bonuses as you can. In the level 1, you drive on the street downtown. In the level 2, you move on a mountainous uneven road. Keep the balance. If you fall, you lose your life on abcy a online games. Luckily, you are respawned immediately. You must arrive at the finish line in the limited time. If you fail to reach the finish in a certain amount of time, you will lose the game. You get scores when you drive the car.


Talk to pals about this driving game of Assess it and leave your remarks. Try on driving games like Moto X3M 2 and Madalin Stunt Cars 2.



  • Use down/left arrow to brake.
  • Use up/right arrow to accelerate.
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