Run Away

Run Away

You like an adventure game. Challenge your intelligence with online games Run Away at abcya games online. Play now!

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You are ready to beat the best players in the online game Run Away at ABCya3 games. You will definitely like this game at first. You will have moments of relaxation in your life. Do you know how to play this game? Start the game now to discover new levels in the game.

Imagine the monster trapped in a secret tunnel. It is very dark and there are too many obstacles. The monster at the depth you must help it climb to the ground to escape safely. You will use the appropriate jump to climb higher. In this way, the monsters will move closer to the ground.

And it will soon return home safely. Note, away from the deadly obstacles will endanger it. If you have problems and failures, try again. Do not be discouraged until you overcome the challenge. Try to help the little monster back home. The game will give you many skills, challenging your intelligence with the jump.

You will experience new things. The game at https://abcya3.net/ opens a new world for the game to overcome obstacles. With vivid graphic design, players like to stay in an extremely dangerous world. Save small monsters so they can return home safely. The game has many levels.

How many levels will you pass and how many will you get? Each level will be harder and challenge your brain. Enjoy each level to show agility in your activities. Invite your friends to play the game and do not forget to share with them the fun in this game.

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How to play: Use the arrow keys to play in the game

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