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Running Back

Running Back

American football is a highly competitive game for the toughest and fastest guys. In Running Back at abcya online, let’s prove to the world that you’re the best rugby player.

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Running Back GamePlay:

Running Back online is a great combination of sports game and an endless runner game that brings you the most unforgettable gaming experience. Easy to play but hard to master, it requires you to show every skill that you have been trained. Before starting the match, you choose your favorite player. Your character runs automatically in one direction in the field. You need use mouse to navigate him, dodge players from opposing team.

The rule is simple to understand. You run through the defenders with less power than you. Power is presented by the number next to each player. Because your energy will be subtracted with the number of the player that you collide, so try to pass through the defenders with a lower number than yours. The best choice is the player who has the lowest energy. Along the way, you should pick up as many energy drinks as possible for extra power or max pow bar for max power, collect gold coins and be invisible. Don’t miss them. If you see a ball, let’s run into the ball to kick it to earn a higher score. Don’t run through the goal because you will fall.

Here at, defenders of the opposing team stand in a line to block your way while the attackers will run into you aiming to stop you. So, you should find another way to pass through them, dodge them to move forward. Run as far as possible, survive as long as you can to get a record score. Enjoy the abcya 3 game! One of the best game is waiting for you to conquer besides this one is Soccer Physics 2 and 10 Shot Soccer check it out.

Controls: Use your mouse to navigate your character.

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