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Soccertastic World  2018

Soccertastic World 2018

You may have never played a football like this before for sure. Enjoy the hot in the stadium with the biggest sports event of the year, World Cup 2018 with an amazing game named Soccertastic World Cup. At game abc123, you need to get as many scores as pos

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Soccertastic World 2018 GamePlay:

World Cup 2018 is here. How fascinating is it! Do you love playing football? Would you watch every match in this biggest event of every four years? Let’s add more excitement to the hot in the stadium with millions of football fans with Soccertastic World Cup - an interesting sports game that will bring you both entertaining and challenging.


Here at abc game, you don’t participate in a match that many players compete for a ball. You have your own football and your mission is to get as many scores as possible. The goalkeeper of the opposing team will try to block your shot, so you have to determine the perfect time and the direction to put the ball into the goal successfully. Use trick to distract the opposing goalkeeper. Don’t let get guess the direction of your shot. Look carefully at the green target.


This area gives you a big chance to score. After 5 consecutive successes, you will level up. The difficulty increases significantly as you level up. The higher the level is, the shorter the time is. You have to get 5 scores in a limited time. Stay focused and try your best to complete all levels at abc ya 3. Fight for glory and honor. Bring the precious cup to your hometown.


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How to play:

Use left click to play.

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