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Mini Golf

Mini Golf

Do you love playing golf? If you think golf is an expensive sport and you haven’t had a chance to try it, then come to Mini Golf and freely play as the way you like without fee, rule or opponent. It’s both fun and challenging that promises to bring to you a great experience ever. Enjoy your time in Mini Golf online at abcyaa free online

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Mini Golf GamePlay:

Golf is considered as a sport of rich men because not everybody is able to spend a great amount of money to enjoy it while they love it so much. However, with Mini Golf, every problem is solved. In this addictive game, you are free to play golf anytime like the way you like.

It doesn’t mean this game is easy. It’s insanely challenging but fun. You will enjoy every moment when you are here. At abcya 3 free, your ultimate goal is to hit the ball into every hole. You don’t play golf in a flat area but in the mountain. Instead of using a golf club to hit the ball, you push and pull like some coordinate shooting games out there. You need to find the right angle and strength to hit the ball. If the golf enters the hole, you will enter the next level, otherwise, you play again.

In each level, a golf course is different. The hole can be placed in a higher mountain while the ball is in a lower one and verse. You have to control the strength of the hit. It can’t be too strong or too weak. Can you conquer every hole in all levels at ABCyaa Online? Try your best and enjoy every moment here. If you love the games related to sports, then why don’t you try out these following options at such as Apple Shooter Remastered and Surf Riders?

How to play:

Use your mouse to aim and hit.

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