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Become the best player by unlocking all levels of Sand Truck. What are your gaming tips when joining this game? ABCya 3 free games open up a different game world for players. Instead of spending a lot of time searching for online games like on other websites, you can completely save time and effort when playing games on our website. This is a sensible game with trucks. In this game, you have to control a sand factory. The sand of a variety of colors is found in the plant's storage tanks.

Sand is only loaded into one truck with the same color as the sand. Observe the colors and draw the most suitable pins for your truck. The sand has to go through the different pipes to get to the truck. You will control the pegs that will direct the sand to the correct truck. If there is no suitable truck for that sand, hold them back until the most appropriate time. Don't let the sand fall out if you want to do your best. This game has 30 levels and is latest updated at They are fun and fun, but you have to play with logic to get through all the levels.

Start over the level again and continue playing if you haven't solved the level yet. This simple game has attracted many online players to join and overcome the challenge in their spare time. Game loading speed is not affected during online gameplay. What is your impression of this game world? Complete challenges and share the game if you find it special. Some online games are intended for players like Microsoft Sudoku and Home Makeover Hidden Object

How to play: Use the left mouse button to move the pins to let the sand fall to the truck that you see right.

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