• Home Makeover Hidden Object

Home Makeover Hidden Object

Home Makeover Hidden Object

Quick hands to participate in a very new game genre Home Makeover Hidden Object at abcya 3 games puzzle you have certainly never been involved. More fun!

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Home Makeover Hidden Object GamePlay:

Design a home for the characters you are asking for and make the most special things. Join now on the game Home Makeover Hidden Object at https://abcya3.net/ to experience it. This is a game that makes a perfect home in your imagination. An old house needs your patronage. They have a lot of messy discarded surroundings. How do you make this house the most complete and beautiful home possible? First, you need to tidy up. The game will present items that you need to collect during the game. For example, you need to collect screws or other small objects in the garage area, the bedroom area, and the kitchen with lots of different rooms. You can collect as many objects as the game requires.

When you collect it, your score will be high and pass the level given by the game. The finished white fence is an ancient house with lots of extremely interesting adventures. Can you fix this old grandparents' house into a clean castle? Transform it and wait in the game to see how it works. Change the old paint color for wallpaper. Outdated furniture to swap for new ones. You can bring yourself fun while participating in this house repair game. Let's create a very cozy bedroom and lots of neatly arranged objects.

Collect all the items required by the game Home Makeover Hidden Object at abcya3 puzzle games these items are in locations that are extremely hard to find. You need to observe and use your smart brain to find the most needed items. Unlock a lot of room levels to complete your quest in the best way. Make your old house the most beautiful home of your dreams or you can unlock even more interesting levels. Please share the game with your friends to make yourself with a high amount of money in this quest. started adding a few other similar game genres Route Digger 2 and Maze Challenge

Control: Use the mouse to search for a lot of items together and in exchange.

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