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As you are down, you can try Shimmer And Shine Pencil Coloring of Abcya3.net. It’ a breath of fresh air. Dive into artistic relaxation. Knuckle down to paint pictures. Make crowning achievements.  You are meticulous, aren’t you? Shimmer And Shine Pencil Coloring game gives players a lift at abcyay. Good luck!


Shimmer And Shine Pencil Coloring free game is a game for kids. It is a one-player game. You meet two sisters Shimmer and Shine. They instruct you to color pictures. You will paint 8 pictures. They just have black brushstrokes and white background. They don’t have other colors in abcyay games. They need to be painted colors. Are your ready to color?


The first picture is Shimmer and the second one is about Shine. Other pictures show two girls’ small talk, a tiger, money and a trip by flying carpet. Pictures have a variety of small details. It’s quite hard to paint them. You should be calm to color them. You use 24 colors to paint. We supply from basic colors to new colors. Each color has different shades. You are comfortable to choose pencils to color. Use your talent in art to make stunning works on abcyay online games.


If you don’t satisfy with coloring, you can use an eraser to clean parts you have colored. Remove and re-color. Do what you want. It’s possible to increase the size of pencils. Therefore, you can color big details in the short time. Reduce the size when you paint tiny details. Choose any photo and paint it. Play until you finish all 8 pictures.


Applaud yourself. Look at your pictures on https://abcya3.net/. Recommend this game and rate it. What do you think about it? Seek similar games like Steven Universe Pencil Coloring and Dinosaur Coloring.


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  • Use the mouse to play.
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