Space Module GamePlay:

Travel through space, destroy enemies who want to destroy your spaceship, and collect their loot. All will be available in the online game Space Module at abcya 3 free games. You will start with small monsters and meet bigger bosses. They resemble monster viruses with many limbs. You will fight hard to protect the ship with all you have.

Build your ship from scratch by buying parts, upgrading, zooming, and conquering space, but be careful as the bigger the ship, the easier it is for enemies to see. You will win with your agility. Together we will discover many wonderful things. Join the online game Space Module now at You will conquer a lot of surprises. Under the simulation version of the space war, there are many crystals in outer space. You will be troubled by the virus enemies who want to surround all the ships and disable the ship. As long as you are weak, they will kill you faster. You try to fight against all those ships and you can fight for it.

To protect the spaceship, you need to act quickly. Are you ready to do that or not? Let's explore together. Move the spaceship in all directions and shoot toward the enemies. The game will give you very quick navigation techniques. You will play in a very beautiful space design. Everything is easy for better control. Together we will conquer all levels and fully reach the destination successfully. Let's play now! Get ready to make sure you feel the results! Enjoy a lot of fun playing some other games similar to Laser Cannon Levels Pack and Stick Duel: The War

How to play: WASD or Arrows to move the spaceship and mouse.

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