Stone Smacker - Find lots of treasures at the bottom of the game

  • Stone Smacker

Stone Smacker

Stone Smacker

From top to bottom the player needs to push all the stones down into the empty holes in front of them. This is a fun game Stone Smacker at abcya3 games to experience.

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Stone Smacker GamePlay:

Pushing the stones is not an easy thing. Moreover, their positions are not immediately controllable. You need to destroy the trees and other rocks around. You need to try to destroy as many trees as possible to widen your path. Let these stones be the smartest way to find all the treasures and fall the hole most accurately. When you complete all the tasks pushing these smart stones at the end of the game Stone Smacker at abcya3 puzzle games

You will collect for yourself a lot of the most attractive treasures. Help the red-haired young man to find all the Treasure chests to help the villagers in difficulty. Solve the game trick puzzles given by your smart steering. You can move the stone left or right as you like with any position that you feel is the easiest to move. Seek for yourself plenty of opportunities to promote more accuracy. There are countless levels that the game offers to train yourself to have a smart brain that no one can have. Fill in the rocks and voids and great things will happen.

A high amount of money, as well as treasures, are in front of you, move on and collect them to upgrade yourself a lot more power to be able to destroy as many obstacles as possible. What do you think when you can invite your friends to join this mind-blowing adventure game Stone Smacker at to tackle the toughest challenges the game has to offer. Train your smart virtuosity even more in a few other similarly fun game genres Dr Dice and Woodoku

Control: Use arrow keys to move your stone.

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