Dr Dice

Dr Dice

The professor's lab is in Chaos. So you need to quickly join the game to find the best direction for yourself. Good luck in this game Dr Dice at abcya3 puzzle games. Let's go!

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Dr Dice GamePlay:

Throw all the dice up then link the numbers of these dice to make calculations to solve the mess the professor is having. Luckiness will come to you! More fun! A wonderful laboratory has appeared. But due to absentmindedness, the professor is having a lot of trouble in finding his formulas. So you need to quickly join this game Dr Dice at https://abcya3.net/ to find out. Use these dice to put them in the blanks to make the best calculations. Don't panic you can help this doctor by making the dice and finding the formulas from the game.

Gradually do the same in each of the different lines and find the calculations in those lines. Sounds interesting right? You need to use your smart brain to add and create the most accurate calculations. Is luck still smiling on you? You can completely find countless correct answers from your smart brain. Give the game the correct formulas and help this professor find his formulas.

Discover all the fun in just this lab and bring you moments of formula-complete triumph. Create a lab full of cleverness right now in the game Dr Dice at abcya3 puzlle. You can fully participate in later levels. Many wonderful things are waiting for you. Lucky smiled at you in this game? Do not hesitate to join your friends in the game to find a lot of interesting things. join a few other similar game genres like Woodoku and Save The Fish

Control: Use mouse to co-align all the dice.

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