Woodoku - Arrange all the blocks into the smartest position

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Select the block you arrange that can fill the gaps ahead and collect the uncle now in the game Woodoku at abcya3 games. Good luck! More fun!

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Woodoku GamePlay:

Woodoku at https://abcya3.net/ is a normal game but requires an extremely high brain. Your goal is all the blocks and passes filling the gap. Then remove them. Sounds interesting right? In front of you are boxes full of squares. Your goal needs to fill all these blocks so that the horizontal or vertical rows of these squares are filled. Then you will be able to disappear countless blocks. Games that require you to be smart will bring you and interesting things. Let's quickly conquer this game and his smart skills.

The game will give out all those blocks with the same mess. So try to arrange it wisely. Give this game a lot of filled areas. When you have enough numbers, you can completely conquer all the tasks the game offers. Observe and bring the skills you have acquired to work together in these exciting missions. Can you unlock the correct levels or not? Let's quickly find yourself the high score from the game.

This is a very good intellectual tournament. So if you finish this game. You will also get yourself the most intelligent brain medicine. All that fun is only in the game. Give yourself moments of fun and intellectual puzzles in the game tasks set out. Why don't you invite your friends to join the game Woodoku at abcya3 puzzle games you can completely share a lot of comfortable moments when participating in this game. Quickly join a few other similar intellectual puzzle game genres like Save The Fish and Solar System

Control: use mouse to be able to arrange all the blocks.

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