You will play as a secret agent. Let's play the online game Superkiller together at abcya 3 games. Getting Started Now! More fun!

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Fight like a secret agent of online games Superkiller at https://abcya3.net/. Accept all of those fascinating challenges. We will play together and share a lot of fun. Start right now! Everything is so perfect. You are a secret agent tasked with destroying enemies in various uniquely designed rooms in a large city. Be creative, sometimes there are ways to approach the bad guys. Use the hammer's flight path and the hammer's curve to break boxes and windows, opening up more ways to kill enemies.

You will use your creativity to discover many unique things. Experience a lot of fun with friends and share those surprises with them. Enjoy online games Superkiller at abcya3 shooting games. Let's start with simple things and follow up with very difficult levels. You try to be able to break through and destroy all the criminals who have dark intentions. We'll start playing and practicing gun mastery skills. Direct shooting will not appear in this game. You will be an agent and you will destroy criminals by hiding in different locations and destroying them.

Shoot when they have no time to guard. Manipulate tools and wall positions to make it easier to kill criminals. Attractive gameplay, applying all the elements and very quality techniques of gun technique put into the game. Unexpectedly improve all attractive factors! What would it be like to use a gun as an agent? You will feel it very clearly. Getting into the game is exciting. Experience a lot of unique things when participating in Superkiller online games and some other games like Battalion Commander 2 and Stick Duel: Battle Hero. Play it now!

Instructions: Click and drag to aim, and release to shoot the bad guys.

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