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  • Taking Care Of Injured Tom

Taking Care Of Injured Tom

Taking Care Of Injured Tom

Awful! Your lovely cat has been seriously injured. Jump into Taking Care Of Injured Tom game at abcya3 and help your cat recover right now! Much fun!

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Taking Care Of Injured Tom GamePlay:

Taking Care Of Injured Tom game at online abcya 3. Is one of those funniest and lovely games that are suitable for all ages, especially kids. The game promises to bring players exciting and engaging experiences in life. In this game, you will have two main missions such as take care of your cat's wounds and choose the outfit. With the first task, you will take care of the poor cat with so many wounds on the body of the cat. It looks pitiful with many cuts on the body.

To take care of your cat, you need to follow many steps as instructed in the game. First, you need to remove all sharp objects that cause cuts on the body of the cat. Then you will have to clean the wounds to avoid infection and eliminate harmful bacteria. Do not forget to apply the medication and make the wound heal better. Next, you need to treat the bone and make it perfect. After you treat the cat's wounds, you will continue to bathe and clean the stains on its body. You can wet, shower and dry the cat. Congratulations, you have completed your first assignment. With the second task, you will choose and match the outfit for your cat and help it become more prominent.

Here you have many different options such as costumes, shoes, hats and other accessories. Try your best to help your cat become more beautiful and attractive. I believe that this game promises to bring you a very exciting and engaging experience. If you love this game genre, you can play more with Princesses Summer Seaside Vacation and Elsa And Jack's Love Wedding at https://abcya3.net/


Use the mouse to play the game.

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