Tank War Defense - Fight with the army with huge planes

  • Tank War Defense

Tank War Defense

Tank War Defense

Adventurous battle of tanks with the army of planes. Don't miss your chance to join Tank War Defense online game at abcya 3 games shooting. More challenges will come!

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Tank War Defense GamePlay:

Tank War Defense online game at abcya 3 shooting games is a tank fighting game. Many enemy planes are attacking you one by one in the sky above you, so you have to destroy them before them and avoid the bullets of enemy planes. Especially the last enemy plane, it's stronger than the others. So try to destroy all the planes now! You will be entering a very intense fighting game. All will be present in the levels of this game.

Simulate the process of fighting the army with the enemy. What do you think when tanks shoot down military aircraft? That will happen in this fascinating game. You will enjoy all the unique novelties and surprises. It is completely possible to win if you follow our rules. Experience now the online game Tank War Defense at https://abcya3.net/. Very simple gameplay, great graphics, sound, and graphics will make you fall in love with it. You will control the tank and continuously shoot down the planes in the sky, but be aware of that. The plane needs to land in the right place, you will head up and avoid the enemy's bullets.

Once you have overcome the small challenges, you will meet the bigger boss. Giant aircraft with unyielding strength will help you accomplish those tasks. You are not afraid of difficulties, not afraid of challenges, go up and destroy all challenges for you. You will fight alone, you may be alone but you have strong weapons. Use all your fighting skills to win! Test your fighting ability when participating in some other games similar to Cool Archer and Catch The Thief

Instructions: Left the mouse button to play.

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