The Aviator GamePlay:

His plane is looking for all the green energy that makes it possible to operate safely and move around this universe. Sounds interesting right? This is a game The Aviator at with completely new gameplay that you should not miss. You need to dodge all the red angels around you as well as many other deadly traps on the way. You can only collect one thing that is the blue energy sources to help you maintain your speed and start in the universe. These crystals can also be used to upgrade your plane. Don't miss any blue crystals it will be very helpful for you.

But for you to balance the plane and make a collection of blue crystals is an extremely difficult thing. Because it is always surrounded by red angels. So the game requires you a certain ingenuity to be able to collect all these crystals. You need to be observant and focus on the game. Carefully little by little. You just need to go a bit too far and you can collide with these meteorites.

As time goes on, the number of red meteorites will appear more and more. Try to stay safe until the end of this adventure without getting hit once. Luck will smile at you in this game to help you upgrade your plane a lot. Why don't you invite your friends to join the game The Aviator at abcya3 online to have the fun of flying airplanes in the heart of the vast universe. You can completely discover a few other similar interesting flight game genres like Archer Peerless and Happy Hopper

Control: Use the mouse and can help control the plane most safely.

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