Snake Vs Colors - Slither through various colorful obstacles

  • Snake Vs Colors

Snake Vs Colors

Snake Vs Colors

Tons of colorful obstacles are there try to stop you. How to survive while you are just a weak snake? Slither carefully to save your life in Snake Vs Colors at abcya games

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Snake Vs Colors GamePlay:

Look super simple and easy but insanely challenging, don’t let Snake Vs Colors fool you. If you believe that you can conquer it easily, then you are wrong. Your goals in this game at abcya games is to slither as many obstacles as possible without touching any colors different from your own. It’s not as easy as it sounds because the colors change extremely fast. All you need is to act fastly and flexible.

Besides, accuracy is everything. The obstacles vary in forms, working method and difficulty level. Of course, as you process, the difficulty increases significantly. In order to achieve a high score, it all depends on you. There is no truly effective tip for this puzzle game. Practice makes perfect, so the only way to go further is to play over and over. By this way, you gradually raise your scores. The deadly point in the game is the colors. Once you slither through a glowing line across the screen, your color changes into a randomly new one.

So, if you don’t react fastly, you easy to hit the obstacles ahead. Here at, be well prepared for yourself in front of upcoming dangers. The game is divided into many levels. You have to reach the finish line then the current level to move to the next one. Try your best to get the best victory. Be patient and keep calm. If you get tired of this game and look for a new one, let’s try out Silly and many other choices are waiting for you at ABCya. Enjoy!

How to play: Use your mouse to control your snake.

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