• Impostor Rescue

Impostor Rescue

Impostor Rescue

Solve all the puzzles that the game offers with your wisdom and intelligence. Join now and the game Impostor Rescue at abcya3 games. Luckiness will come to you!

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Impostor Rescue GamePlay:

Treasures have appeared a lot in this game Impostor Rescue at abcya3 games. Your goal is to collect them. Are you confident you can collect all the most attractive treasures the game has to offer? Join now become an astronaut going into space and go on this fascinating mission. You need to collect all the treasures to help you pass the level and unlock the exciting levels behind waiting. The game not only has Treasures but also slimes that can make you burn at any time. Try to focus on the game thinking about which key to helping you get the treasure most safely.

Be careful don't help the red slime keys it will burn all your spaceship and you will have to stop the game. Obstacles that appear will be many. More and more treasures will be in difficult positions that you cannot collect most simply. Requires you to have a smart brain and nimble hands. Take control of this game get the Treasure and survive. Solve many challenging and unique puzzles. Eliminate all other crew members so that you can become the last survivor in this universe.

Can you pass the last level and become the top of the leaderboard? Thanks to the treasures and you can collect. Please rescue this hero from the spaceship and return with the highest score. Quickly join your friends in the game Impostor Rescue at https://abcya3.net/ to become the impostors of the smartest brain ever. Join a few other similar fun impersonation game genres like High Shoes and Fall Beans

Control: Use the mouse to jointly bring you the treasure.

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