US Police Prisoner Transport GamePlay:

Safety is a necessity in this extremely stressful game with the main task of transporting prisoners. Start into the game US Police Prisoner Transport at ABCya3.net!

Prisoners will be transported by you and taken to the prisons. Get ready to start right now into the game. Because this is a free online fighting game that you can fully participate in your computer and browsers. Let's get started now US Police Prisoner Transport at ABCya for free 2020 online!

You will get addicted the first time you join. Appeared in a very large prison. You will transport prisoners to take them to the army prison. This prison failed bitterly due to the security alert of the international criminal transport system intelligence agencies. Terrorists have appeared in this game and attacked the prison. So you need to transport prisoners. There was fierce fighting going on in this place.

Start the war and fight for the prisoners to transport them to safety. Drive crime and transport crime in high profile prisons. Please move according to the instructions of the game. Don't crash into the cars ahead. This will get in your way. More than that there will be a lot of obstacles around. You should move in a safe place and follow the instructions given by the game US Police Prisoner Transport at free ABCya3 online! 

When you do an excellent job. You will have a chance to unlock the next levels. The fighting game is extremely intense and engaging. Please start and enjoy great moments when participating in the game. It's great for you to share this game with your friends. Join your friends to join the game to have fun together with the prisoner transport mission. What do you think when you allow yourself to participate in some other interesting games like US Army Drone Attack  at https://abcya3.net/


Use arrow keys, WASD to be able to drive.

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