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Village Story certainly captures your heart at Many people and animals want to cross a river. You lend them a hand. Take them to the opposing bank. You must follow some rules. Don’t disregard rules! What you do shows your quick-wittedness. Join Village Story game of abcay.


Village Story free game is a puzzle game. The setting is a countryside area. You see rivers, green fields, cottages. In the level 1, a farmer wants to cross a river and bring a carrot, tiger, and sheep. You will help him to take all members cross the river. However, you must follow some rules in abcay games. The farmer is the only one who can steer the raft. He is allowed to take one passenger each time. Remember that if the tiger and sheep gather without the farmer, the tiger will kill the sheep.


You must use your smartness to solve questions. The farmer always controls the raft. You take the sheep first. Then you take the carrot. Bring back the sheep and take the tiger. Finally, you take the sheep. We record the time you play. The sooner you finish the mission, the more stars you get. We also count the moves you have used. In the level 2, four soldiers cross a river. The man who is wearing is arrogant. The man who is wearing the magenta helmet is lazy. The two men with the green helmet are brave.


On abcay online games, the raft holds a maximum of two men. The lazy man refuses to be alone either on the raft or on the bank. The arrogant man refuses to be accompanied on the raft. Two brave men go first. The brave man 1 stays on the opposing bank and brave man 2 turns back to the bank. The brave man 2 takes the lazy man and turns back. The arrogant man moves alone. The brave man 1 turns back and takes the brave man 2. You can use the clues if you can’t find the answer.


Test your brain by replying all questions. Introduce this game to friends and assess it. Make remarks on it and play Adam and Eve 4 and Carnival Duck at



  •  Use the mouse to play.
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