Whack 'em All

Whack 'em All

Whack 'em All game at....... is a fun and exciting game that is suitable for all ages. Jump into Whack 'em All game for free and hit correctly the mice on the ground right now. How many mice can you hit? Keep your eyes to observe carefully and show off yo

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Whack 'em All GamePlay:

Whack 'em All game at Abcya3 is a fun and exciting speed game in which your task is to hit the head of the mice on the ground. Haha! The speed of this game is pretty fast and dangerous, so you have to watch carefully to hit them correctly. Imagine that you own a garden with lots of green plants.

However, they are always sabotaged by dirty mice in the garden. They destroy everything and reproduce very quickly in a short time. So your purpose is to destroy the dirty mouse and build a dream garden with a variety of sweet fruits. This task is not easy because the mice often hide underground. They usually appear randomly and suddenly on the ground for a short time. Use your wooden hammer to smash into their heads as soon as they appear on the ground. The appearance of the mice is constantly changing and unexpected in the garden. You should watch carefully and hit them correctly before they hide under the ground. Take advantage of all your opportunities to hit the correct and earn points in the game at Abcya game.

In particular, you will have a limited time, so you have to act fast before the time runs out. Be careful and avoid hitting the bombs as you will get rid of many points in the game. With eye-catching graphic design, bright colors and lovely graphics, I believe you'll laugh at all times when exploring this game. Besides, you also can play more with Duck Hunter & Desert Run at.https://abcya3.net/.


Hit the mice by using your left mouse on the computer.

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