Word Chef Cookies

Word Chef Cookies

Delicious letters are placed on the plate. You are not going to enjoy the meal but connect the letters to make words. Play Word Chef Cookies at ABCya3

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Word Chef Cookies is a cooking game or what? Well, you will be surprised for sure. It’s about food but this game is actually a word game. Your mission at abcya 3 online is to connect the given letters to make the words as required. The game offers 5 themes related to cookies including Magliocco, Secret Spiral, Traviata, Fruity Robo, and Fondue.

Each theme consists of various stages that you have to finish the current stage to unlock the next one. Besides, once you finish one theme, the next theme will be unlocked automatically. This puzzle game is not only fun but also help you learn lots of words and increase your vocabulary. Are you confident enough with your vocabulary? Check it out at abcya. The rule is simple. You just connect the letters placed on the plate in order to make up a meaningful word. Each level requires you to create a certain number of words. You can try to connect as many times as you want without losing. If you don’t sure about any word, you can guess and randomly connect the letters. Maybe, it’s right. If you’re tired of randomly guessing, you can use a hint to pass through the level faster and easier. When you open the next themes, the difficulty increases significantly.

The words contain more letters and there are more words that you have to discover. This game suits all ages. You can play with your friends or family members to enjoy more fun and solve the puzzle faster. Remember that many interesting games are waiting for you at https://abcya3.net/. Try out these following options for free whenever you have free time Frozen Differences and Animal Shapes


Use your mouse to play.

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