100 Meter Sprint

100 Meter Sprint

If you want to play more with some related games, check out Bike Race 2 or Super Speed Racer at game Abc ya. Hope that you will have a great time

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100 Meter Sprint GamePlay:

Don’t hesitate anymore to show off your running skills on the race track. Run your best to pass through other opponents, become the first person to reach the finish line and win the gold medal in each match.

One more interesting thing, this game is designed with eye-catching graphics and lively sound. All of them will make you feel like a real race with lots of emotions.

Hurry up, the time is beginning! Run for your passion and run with the enthusiasm of youth! Play online and download for free at Abcya.

Running is one of the most popular sports that is loved by many players around the world. This sport not only helps the player to exercise but also enhances some of the necessary skills in life.

Do you want to experience in the running game? 100 Meter Sprint game at Abcya Games welcomes you to find your own limits.

Some information about game

Before starting this game at abcya3, you are free to choose runners such as Germany, U.K, Trinidad and Tobago, Russia, Jamaica, USA, France or Netherlands. With every runner in a country, he has strengths and weaknesses on the track. So, you can choose and play all the runners and find the best runners from different countries.

Here, you have to play directly with 8 players on the pitch. This is also the 8 best runners from 8 different countries in the world at abc ya. Each runner will have a certain order number on the shirt and the different clothes. In particular, there will be an arrow on your character's head, so you don’t have to worry about distinguishing your player on the field.

What is your mission?

All you need is to control your player wisely and run as fast as possible on the race track. Use the left arrow or the right arrow to control your player and help him become the first to reach the finish line in this game at Abcya game. Take advantage of every opportunity to overcome other talented opponents and put your name on the Leaderboard of 100 Meter Sprint right now.

Who will become the champion in this match? All will depend on your running skills on the race track. Attention! All players are ready to run! Hope that you have a great time to play together with your friends at abc ya games.


If you want to play more with some related games, check out Bike Race 2 or Super Speed Racer at game Abc ya. Hope that you will have a great time!



Use arrow keys to control your character.


Run! Run! Run! Run with your feet and write your name in Guinness World Records with 100 Meter Sprint now! Follow your passion with 100 Meter Sprint at Abcya games!


Can you become a talented athlete who can take part in major Olympic tournaments around the world? The answer is YES. Hurry up to train your running skills and conquer a 100-meter segment of the virtual world at Abcya games Kids now.


Here, your main mission is to run as fast as possible and complete every track in the shortest time. Especially, you will have to fight with 7 other talented players on the track. They are strong opponents and have good racing skills in races around the world. Therefore, I suggest that you should pay attention carefully to the signal start of the race because the original starting speed is very important for an athlete.

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