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Worm.is (Wormis): Try to intercept your enemies as they slither to kill them and eat their mass. Finally, beware of the viruses!

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Wormis GamePlay:

Worm.is is a super fun multiplayer online game on site ABCya3. Choose a game mode like deathmatch, team match, or some other fun modes and start as a tiny little worm trying to survive on a huge map full of giants. Eat all you can to keep growing bigger and fatter. Try to kill other players by closing them up with your body and eat their left overs. Use cool bonuses and skills like dashing, shooting some balls and expanding your sight for a while to see a bit further. Show no mercy in this worm eat worm world.

Wormis allows you to:

- Three Game Modes: Free for all, Random Team, Hunger Games, Others coming soon

- Private rooms to play with friends

- Eat food to gain length

- Cut other worms' way to kill them and finally eat them

- Stay away from viruses: they slow you down and absorb your mass

- Expel mass to give it to other worms

- Have a lot of fun with Wormax.io and Snake.is !

Controls: Mouse = move, Left click / W = shoot, Right click / Space = dash, F = power

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