Add The Numbers

Add The Numbers

Join the game Add The Numbers - free online games at abcya3 to open up a new world, an enjoyable experience that you have never experienced before. 

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Are you a lover of numbers? If you like it, then the game Add The Numbers at abcya free game will be a great thing for you. Do not miss this fascinating opportunity. Get started right away to discover the numbers, the mysteries are waiting for you. Let's go!

Have you grasped the rules of this game yet? Very easy, I will guide you. At the beginning, three tables will open in front of you. Depending on you, choose a table size that you like. Then the challenge will begin. There are two types of numbers to appear, negative numbers and positive numbers.

Your task in this game is to move your number to positive numbers. If you unfortunately move your number to a negative number, you will lose the score you are having. But do not worry too much, the game does not require time. You can calm down and use your intelligence, moving numbers in positive direction.

Do not forget that there are many incentives available for you. You should eat the diamonds, four-leaf, heart-shaped icon, to be able to get more points and luckily receive the gifts. What are you hesitant about? Join Add The Numbers at https://abcya3.net/ to have a better view and increase your intelligence.

With a graphic design sound, I believe you will be fascinated. Do not miss this fun thing. Share and invite your friends to join immediately to enjoy the moment of relaxation in life. If you love this game, try joining some more games like Veggie Slicer and Hexagon Fall. Wish you were always the winner! 

How to play use the arrow keys to play.

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