Angry Teddy Bears

Angry Teddy Bears

Something is moving around outside your house. Have a deep breath and step outside to find them and kill them. Play Angry Teddy Bears online at abcya 4kids

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Angry Teddy Bears GamePlay:

In a peaceful night, you are eating popcorn and watching your favorite TV shows. You hear some noise outside your house. It just likes something want to break your door and come to you. If staying still like this, you will die in fear. You decide to step outside with your gun and find what happened. Look out, there are a bunch of teddy bears there. They look so cute but seem to be angry. They are about to jump on you and eat you. Let’s use your gun to protect your life.


In Angry Teddy Bears online game, you must find all angry teddy bears and defeat them before they attack you with their sharp claws. Here at abcya online 3, don’t be fooled by their look. Shoot them immediately when you saw them. Don’t let them come close to you. They are coming wave after wave. If you don’t act fastly, you will die. Your health drops after each attack. So take advantage of the time to find the first aid box and heal yourself.


Conquer each level to earn money and unlock the next stage. The difficulty increases significantly when you level up. Watch out every direction and hold your gun tightly. Try your best to aim and shoot accurately because you just have a limited number of bullets. Take a deep breath and be careful, these teddy bears are dangerous and very crowded while you are alone. The only true friend helps you in this battle is your gun. Use it wisely.


Let’s see how long can you survive. Live in the dark night at all costs. Good luck! Enjoy more fun games such as Zombie Harvester Rushand Intruder Combat Training 



Use your mouse to navigate,

arrow keys to move and left mouse to shoot.

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