Santa On Wheelie Bike - Balancing Santa's bike

  • Santa On Wheelie Bike

Santa On Wheelie Bike

Santa On Wheelie Bike

Fun game of Santa Claus in the Christmas season. If you love it you can immediately take on the task in the online game Santa On Wheelie Bike at abcya 3 games free. Enjoy!

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Santa On Wheelie Bike GamePlay:

Would you like to start with Santa On Wheelie Bike online game at abcya 3 games free. Accept all challenges in this game for the best results. You will love it. Because it's new. Do you want to play now! Prepare yourself and start with the best conditions with Santa with a balance game. The story of the Christmas season is coming. Santa Claus has to carry out the task of giving gifts to all the children in the world. But to get so many gifts, he needs to overcome some challenges. Help him conquer challenges and receive gifts to bring joy to the children.

The problem was that he needed to ride a bicycle and balance on one wheel. He had never practiced this sport, so he was quite confused and faced many difficulties. He needs a coach to help. Are you ready to help him ride his balance bike in the online game Santa On Wheelie Bike at You will feel very happy when you do a good job. The children are in dire need of Christmas presents and that is the motivation so that he can not be afraid of falling and going over. You will click and use your balance to keep the front wheel from touching the ground.

And also don't let the front wheel get too high or the old man will fall. The game requires you to have good control skills. You will conquer this challenge. If you don't take the time to observe and pay attention. You will not be able to conquer the following levels. We can do that. Enjoy more games like City Truck Driver and Delivery Racer

Instructions: Use your mouse on your desktop or tap on your mobile device.

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