Battleship Game - Sink enemy fleets deep down the ocean

  • Battleship Game

Battleship Game

Battleship Game

Welcome to an epic battleship ever! Battleship Game is an awesome board game with interesting gameplay in the simple graphics. It will bring you hours of fun. At here, your target is to sink the enemy fleet deep into the ocean. Plan a wisely strategy and

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Battleship Game is one of the best strategy games which is simple but addictive. The battlefield is a 10x10 grid. In order to win the battle, you must plan a wisely strategy and use your acumen. You can join the battle against the computer or other players from all over the world.


Before the battle begins, you and your opponent will have to place the boats on the grid as a battlefield. Randomly put them in any position you want, but don’t gather them in an area. At abcya 5 online games, this is a turn-based battle, so you and your opponent have to guess where the enemy’s ships are placed. Who sink all rival’s ships first is the winner.


You and your opponent have 5 bombs in each turn. Let’s use them wisely. This best feature of the game is that both of you have to guess and whenever you hit, you will know where to drop the bombs next time and vice versa. When competing other players, each of you doesn’t know the strategy that opponent uses so you and they must guess and use your acumen. How great is that!


Be the first one who sinks all enemies and win every battle. Prove that your a great commander and strategist. Enjoy more intense battles with various choices of games available at Some of the best options for you are Micro Tank Battle and Egypt Stone War. Enjoy!



Use your mouse to play.

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