Big Big Baller - Become a giant ball never seen before

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Big Big Baller

Big Big Baller

Within 2 minutes, are you able to become the biggest ball and defeat other players to become the king? Join multiplayer battles in Big Big Baller at abcya 3 and win!

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Big Big Baller GamePlay:

Big Big Baller is a multiplayer online game in which your ultimate goal is to become the king of the arena. It’s not only your target but also of others. You must compete very hard to get that title. Here at abcya games, you enter a survival battle compete against some players from all over the world. You control your little ball move around the map to crash everything. The ball will suck the things it can suck to get bigger.

In the beginning, you only can crush small objects such as car, chair, small tree, and even people. When the ball gets bigger in the size, it can crash the bigger things like house, bus and so on. You not only focus on crashing everything but also watch out other balls who are bigger than you because you can be their food. Stay away from the bigger ones and chase who are smaller than you to eliminate them. You will get bigger over time by sucking everything in your sight. At abcya online, each battle lasts for 2 minutes. When the time runs out, the player has the highest score is the winner.

Your score depends on how many things you have crashed and how many opponents you have defeated. Don’t be sad if you lose in this current match because, in the next one, you may be the king of the arena. Good luck! There are many related games available at promise to bring to you the best gaming experience such as Ninja Invincible and murder

Instructions: Use your mouse to control your ball.

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