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Box Adventure

Box Adventure

Father box is kidnapped by strangers in a spaceship. Little box - the son decided to start a journey of finding his father. He is alone in this adventure but now he has you as a company. In Box Adventure, your mission is to help little box find his father safely. Are you ready? Enjoy the best moment in Box Adventure at abcya 3

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Box Adventure GamePlay:

One day, when waking up, the little box can’t find his father anywhere. The night before, the Big box was kidnapped by a strange spaceship. No one knows where he is now. Little box finds some clues and he decided to find his father by himself. But in Box Adventure, he is not alone because you will stay by his side, won’t you? You will be his company and help him find and save his father.

Here at abcya game in order to know where the Big Box is, you must walk through 15 stages in total. The difficulty increases constantly as the game processes. You have to avoid enemies and pass through many dangers. The road that you adventure on is made from various broken platforms. Once you step on them, after 3-5 seconds, they crumble right away and if you don’t quickly jump to other platforms, you will fall down. At, timing and jumping skills are the most important factors to help you complete your journey successfully.

You must jump fastly and accurately among those dangerous platforms. Besides, along the way, you also face many enemies who try to stop you. You aren’t able to beat them, so let's avoid them at all costs to save your life. This is not easy, but don’t give up, you can do it. Be a little hero of your father. Hope you have fun with the game. There are many other choices of games for you to choose from at abcyaa3 games. Why don’t you try out these following options Viking Brawl and Battleship Game?

How to play:

Use the left and right arrow keys to move, and up arrow key to jump.

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