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Viking Brawl

Viking Brawl

How can become a great Viking warrior who is able to protect the whole tribe? You must pass a training course and engage in many fights. In Viking Brawl, you have to defeat your enemies before being killed. Let’s enjoy the fun and epic fighting experience

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Viking Brawl GamePlay:

Viking Brawl is an awesome platform fighting game in which you are a Viking warrior. You are responsible for defeating the enemies who want to invade your land. Don’t let them reach their goal. Let’s stand up and fight as a true Viking warrior like ancient legendary heroes of your tribe. At abcya 3 online, you wave your sword and kill any enemies appear in front of your eyes in this interesting fighting game.

The game has a simple control mechanism, you just need to use your mouse or one-touch controls to attack and jump. You are offered with 2 game modes including tournament (compete with AI) and 2P (compete against other players all over the world). Just choose which one you want to play first. This is not about face to face battles. You and your opponents throw the sword at each other. It’s all about speed.

So you have to kill your opponent first after being killed. Your character automatically move, so all you need to do is to determine the right time to throw your weapon at free game abcya3. If you miss your target, your character will move and pick the sword up and you keep the fight. After several throwing times, who has the higher score is the winner. With simple but fun gameplay and cartoon-style graphics, you will have an interesting experience. Are you confident to become a legendary warrior just like your father? Check it out! Play more games available at You don’t want to miss these following options for sure:  Battleship Game and King Of Chaos

How to play:

Use your mouse to play.

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