Flamit - Light up a dark room with red flames

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If a night will make people panic, light all the torches in the online game Flamit at abcya 3 games online. Enjoy the fun!

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Flamit GamePlay:

Light all the torches as fast as you can in this fascinating platformer. You will find the need to be agile when playing. What are you waiting for? Let's start joining the online game Flamit at https://abcya3.net/

Get ready to be the brightest torches of the world. The world is dark and lifeless. Light up all night to fight fear. When there is a fire, everything will be bright and there will be no danger. You will play the role of a pathfinder for that ideal. You will fulfill all your dreams and fulfill all your joys. The people of the world yearn for light. Heroes are coming and saving the world. Join Flamit online game now at abcya 3 games. Start conquering those lucky things! But do it fast, because your flame won't last forever. The game has 30 levels one screen full of fun obstacles. 2 different game modes normal level and hard level. You will feel extremely interested and have many more surprises. Break through all those difficulties to become a real hero.

You will discover and gain more skills to become a paver. With vivid graphic design, the burning torches look very eye-catching. In this game, you need to be agile because the fire only burns within certain limits. If you are too late then you will end the game fast. Take turns trying from easy to difficult levels and train your agility. Let's challenge ourselves fiercely! The fastest fighting spirit! There are many interesting games, I'm sure you will like some others similar to A Silly Journey and Startup Fever

Instructions: Touch the controls on the screen or use the arrow keys. to move.

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