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Burn Matches

Burn Matches is a logic game which is both fun and challenging. It tests your math skill. If you are confident with mathematical solving skills, then let’s have a test here. You not only have a great time but also practice your skills. Think carefully, so

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If you want to do some practices while having fun, then why don’t you play Burn Matches - a game test your math skill in a relaxing way? It’s both challenging and entertaining. The game at abcya offers simple math problems but requires you to think carefully to solve them with the given rules.

You simply add or remove a certain number of matches to make left side of the calculation be equal to right side. There are various level and each level has its own requirement. For example, in the level 1, you only remove 1 match, or remove 1 and add 1 in the second level. If the problem is resolved properly, all matches burn. Remember that you have to complete the current level to unlock the next one at… It seems to be easy but sometimes you will have to sweat. If you are looking for a game which is simple and fun enough but still challenging, then this one is the best choice for you. Easy to play and fun to master, you will immerse yourself in this math world.

Compete with your friends or your family members to have more fun. They will love it for sure. Besides, don’t forget that a huge collection of games is waiting for you at https://abcya3.net/.You can come and choose several games to play for free anytime. Some of the best choices for you are DuckLife 4 & Steven Universe Pencil Coloring Enjoy.

Controls: Use your mouse to play.

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