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Wheely 2

Wheely 2

Wheely 2 s a fun game for kids of all ages! In wheely 2 you have to unravel riddles to navigate the car to his friend. Help Wheely to catch his love!

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Wheely 2 GamePlay:

Wheely 2 s a fun game for kids of all ages! In wheely 2 you have to unravel riddles to navigate the car to his friend. Help Wheely to catch his love!

Are you a smart person? OK! Prove to the world that you are the best player of Wheely 2 – an awesome puzzle game for everyone.How many levels can you pass? All will depend on your intelligence and problem-solving skills. Go ahead at ABCya game online now!

This exciting puzzle game will attract your attention by many attractive points. The first point, this game is designed with eye-catching graphics and great sound. I bet that you will feel excited when seeing cute cars in the game. They are really cute and lovely with attractive colors and beautiful images.

The second point, this game has an attractive gameplay which will make you laugh happily every time. Here, your biggest mission is to control a cute car wisely and help it pass through all challenges on the way.

To implement this task, keep your eyes to observe carefully, deal with all difficult puzzles, combine clues and find the exit in each level. It is very difficult for you, right? No, you don’t need to worry about this problem because you will get a lot of help. Therefore, you should pay attention to red buttons on the way because they will help you unlock challenges in the game.

Are you ready to conquer this fun puzzle game? I am ready. Join this exciting adventure at ABCya Games to play now!

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How to play?

Use your left mouse to control the car. Click on it to move or stop.

How to play?

Level 1 : 

Level 1 is the easiest level in all levels of this exciting puzzle game. Why??? Because this level will guide you how to play and familiar with the gameplay in the game. Here at ABCya Games play, a red car is being stuck in a high building and it is trying to find every way to the ground.


Keep your eyes to observe carefully and click a red button that will help your car slowly go down to the ground. After coming to the ground, you have to click continuously on an another red button to remove obstacles that are preventing your car from reaching the exit. Remember that you only need to click on the red car to move or stop it. Ok, level 1 is finished. It is very easy, right?


Level 2:

In this next level, the difficulty level will be slightly increased. However, you don’t need to worry about this problem because I will give you some useful tips to play. Level 2 will be designed with a mess of vehicles and obstacles. Therefore, your mission is to click on the red car that will push the car in front of it to remove the obstacles. Then it will be pulled up high. Note that, you will not receive any of the suggestions in this level. It is the time to challenge your intelligence and conquer all levels of this interesting puzzle game at Abcya now. You want to know that how to play level 3???

Level 3: 


Level 3 is opened with a lot of challenges and puzzles for players. However, you don’t need to worry about this problem because there are many instructions that will help you pass through this level in the shortest time. To complete this mission, all you need is to observe 2 toy boxes carefully, unlock and control them to click on 2 red buttons in the game. All these actions will create a perfect path for your car to move through a deadly trap that is under the bridge. Is it difficult for you? No! Try to play and enjoy it at Abc ya!

Level 4: 

Haha! I bet that level 4 will bring you an interesting feeling in life at Abcya Games Kids. With context on a plane in the air, your aim is to help the red car get out of the airplane and land safely on the ground. Keep your eyes to drive the airplane wisely by using the control panel and pushing 2 boxes out of the airplane. Then, you only need to click a red button to create the complete path for your car. Next, all you need is to take a parachute, control the airplane and help your car escape the airplane safely. Hurry up! Because the airplane is running out of energy. Good luck!

Level 5 : 

After falling to the ground, unfortunately, your car is stuck in a tree and your biggest mission is to rescue and help it reach the destination. Are you ready to deal with all puzzles in level 5? Let’s play at Abcya games Online! Here, you only need to push a rock to interact directly with a tree, which will help your car fall to the ground safely. Then, your next task is to click a creeper to control it and help your car pass through a deadly trap on the way. OK! Level 5 is finished in the game. Do you have any questions? Comment under this game now!

Level 6: 

Great! Welcome to the most attractive race on the planet in level 6 of Wheel 2! Here, you will have the chance to become a professional racer on the way. Especially, this level is designed with eye-catching graphics in a snow racetrack. Keep your mind is to control your car wisely, overcome all challenges and dangerous obstacles on the way. Try your best to leave all other talented racers behind and become the first person to the destination. Is it attractive enough for you? Check it out at Abcya games kids Online!

Level 7:

After completing the attractive race, you will continue to solve some puzzles in level 7 at Abcya online. Here, use your intelligence to help the red car pass through a river and reach the destination in the shortest time. Especially, before playing this level, you can enjoy some beautiful images in the river such as Lotus, cloud or blue sky. To complete this mission, you only need to control 2 red buttons to create a perfect bridge for your car to pass through the challenge in the level. Be more careful and avoid falling down in the river. What are you waiting for? Play it right now!

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