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Wheely 3

Wheely 3 game on ABCya3! Wheely is back! Help the little car jump all the way to his lovely girlfriend! Play Wheely 3 free online now!

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Wheely 3 GamePlay:

Wheely 3 game on ABCya3! Wheely is back! Help the little car jump all the way to his lovely girlfriend! Play ABCya Wheely 3 free online.

Wheely is looking for his destination, but he might have lost his way! Wheely must overcome many obstacles like bridges, lasers and puzzles while adventuring through various environments.

Wheely 3 is the 3rd instalment of the popular Wheely series at ABCya3 games! In the third sequel of the cute physics-based point and click style game you have to help the cute Beetle car to get a new pair of wheels for his wifey. Find clues and unravel all puzzles to be able to progress Wheely 3. Help him succeed. Much fun!

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How to play: 

Level 1:

I bet that all players can easily pass level 1 of this fun puzzle game because it is very simple. Have you figured out how to pass yet? Here, a red car can’t reach the exit because the road is broken and your biggest mission is to create a perfect path to help it pass through challenges. To implement this, you only need to drag the red button on the right side of the screen to create a new road. Great! Level 1 is finished. What are you thinking?

Level 2: 

In this attractive puzzle game, level 2 is designed for more challenging than level 1. However, I believe that you completely can overcome this level in an easy way. First, you will click on a red button on a yellow car to create a perfect road for the red car. Second, a blue car is running out of gas and your mission is to refuel and remove it on the road. Finally, you just need to click the red car to the right location and help it move down to the ground. Haha! It sounds very interesting, right? Try to play.

Level 3 : 

Set in a mess with huge water pipes, level 3 will bring you a wonderful experience in life. To pass through this level, your biggest mission is to remove a truck ahead and reach the destination in the shortest time. Keep your eyes to observe the red button on the top right of the screen to release a steering wheel which was kept in an iron box. Then, you will have to use this steering wheel to turn a red button on the water pipe on the left side of the screen to push the truck forward. Don’t forget to click on your car to move to the red flag at the end of the road. Have fun!

Level 4:

After completing level 3, unfortunately, your car is pushed into the cargo compartment of the truck. Hurry up to deal with all puzzles and help your car overcome this challenge in level 4 now at school friv! Here, you will have to solve three different missions. However, don’t worry! Because they are very easy. Therefore, all you need is to press the 3 red buttons and follow the instructions in the game. Put each red button in its exact position in 3 different contexts to remove barriers and help your car move to the finish line. Good luck!

Level 5: 

Welcome to level 5 – one of the most attractive levels in Wheely 3! Here, you will have the opportunity to assemble and design a new car. To implement this mission, you need to arrange the pieces of a car into its proper places to form a perfect car. Next, you have to click on it to hit a black car under the road. Immediately, another black car will push them backward and pave the way for your car to the destination. Finally, you only need to click on your red car and complete level 5 in the shortest time. Have a great time

Level 6: 

Unfortunately, your car is running out of gas and you need to move to the gas station immediately. What happened? Unbelievably, the gas station also runs out of gas. What should you do? Keep your mind to think smartly and find every way to refuel from the barrel into gasoline vending machines. Therefore, your main mission is to create a complete oil pipeline by arranging the pieces of the pipe into its proper places. Then, you just need to connect the pipeline to storage tanks of gasoline and adjust a red button to refuel your car. Level 5 is finished!

Level 7:

After filling with gasoline, your red car will start a dangerous journey in a distant mountain. Here, your car will have to go through a wire bridge. However, unfortunately, the bridge was broken when your car was halfway down the road. Stay calm and observe a wooden box which contains a rocket on the other side. Click on it and help your car fly quickly to the destination in the game. Hurry up before the volcano erupts. Are you ready to conquer level 7? Everything is available for you!

Level 8

Level 8 is really an attractive puzzle level which will help you develop the intelligence and problem-solving skills. Here, your task is to arrange the same red blocks in a horizontal or vertical row. Note that, keep your eyes to observe carefully and move these blocks into its right places in a big box. After the completion of this task, the truck will leave the road. Finally, you only need to click on your car to move to the finish line in the game. Is it attractive enough for you? Check it out!

Release Date

April 2014


Wheely 3 was developed by agame.com.


Wheely 3 is a web browser game (desktop and mobile).


Use the left mouse button to play the game.

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