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Our lovely hero Sonic has returned to Cross Sonic Race. At here, Sonic is going to conquer a new challenge which is racing. Play Cross Sonic Race at Abcya games!


Sonic is a famous hero that most kids know. This character is a hero who always goes around in many different places to collect gold rings and help people. But now, Sonic wants to conquer a new challenge which is controlling a motorcycle and passing through all toughest racing tracks.


Are you willing to help him? Cross Sonic Race offers 10 levels for you to enjoy. Each level will put you on the different racing tracks which are full of obstacles. Your job is to help him reach the finish line without any trouble. Controlling a motorcycle is not an easy task.


Start driving, carefully accelerate while overcoming every barrier and obstacle in this Abcya. Keep balancing is an important step to pass the route. You should know that you only can move to the next levels if you complete the current one. Make a single mistake will send you to the very beginning of the track.


Do you know what its mean? It means you have to start that level again. Good luck! At Abcya Kids, there are a lot of awesome games waiting for you to conquer such as… Don’t miss them!



You can play it on your computer by using mouse or touched-devices by tapping.

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