Cut It Down

Cut It Down

Come to abcya online today and perform perfect cuts to become a cutting master in this super fun and addictive game Cut It Down!

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Cut It Down GamePlay:

You are looking for an interesting game to pass the time? Then, congratulations, you are in the right place. Cut It Down is what you need. Well, there's no time like the present. Click the Go button and let the fun begin!  

In the Cut It Down at best puzzle game today, your goal is to make perfect cuts to get gold stars and level up. In every level, you will receive one object or more, and what you have to do is to draw cut lines that you think they are good then wait to see whether pieces of the object can hit the gold stars as they fall. When you gain enough the required number of the gold stars, you pass the level.  

It is interesting that the game gives a criterion of performance evaluation. If you gain all the stars with an optimal number of cuts, you will be awarded three star badges. However, when you gain all the stars with more cuts, accords to the number of cuts, you will receive one or two star badges. So, try to draw cut lines as perfectly as you can and get the best rewards.   

If your cut is not good enough so that you can obtain the stars, you can undo it and try another cut. Sometimes, you may find it difficult to draw a right cut line, be free to use the hint which is always available in the bottom right-hand corner of the game screen.

The game offers a lot of levels to conquer. Show us how far will you go?   

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How to play? Use the mouse or tap by your finger to draw a line.

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