Daddy Rabbit - Baby rabbit rescue adventure

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Daddy Rabbit

Daddy Rabbit

Unluckily! A flock of baby rabbits got lost and fell into the dangerous forest. Join Daddy Rabbit at abcya3 games with daddy rabbit to rescue the poor rabbits.

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Daddy Rabbit GamePlay:

Daddy Rabbit at is an extremely adventurous adventure of the father rabbit to rescue the poor baby rabbits. One day, the whole family of rabbits was looking for food in a cave. Suddenly, a chase from the predator appeared, the whole rabbit family had to run everywhere to escape death. In the end, the father rabbit lost the baby bunnies while they were lost in a mysterious forest.

The other animals quickly informed the father rabbit and an adventure began. Do you want to help daddy rabbit to fulfill this dream? What are you waiting for? In Daddy Rabbit at abcya3 games, you will help the father rabbit move according to the instructions of the hand, collect as many carrots and solve the obstacles on the way. Be careful with a big man, wait until he is fast asleep and start your plan. You will probably have to navigate down an underground maze.

Here, you will have to go through many death traps and challenges everywhere. Baby bunnies can be caught in every nook and cranny, so you have to watch closely. Don't forget to collect the diamonds along the way as they can help you through dangerous situations. Also, the baby bunnies are very slow-moving, so you must always walk beside them or you may end up losing them again in Daddy Rabbit. Do your best to collect as many diamonds and use them in emergencies. If you love these game genres, don't forget to discover some similar games like Vex 6 and Rocket Pants Runner 3D

Control: Click to move or use WASD, the arrow keys to move, the space bar to shoot carrot, the key B to make baby rabbit sleep.

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