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Rescue The Rabbit

Rescue The Rabbit

Rescue Rabbit from captivity for a house in the forest. The game Rescue The Rabbit at abcya3 will bring you many interesting things that you have never had before.

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Rescue The Rabbit GamePlay:

Cute little rabbit locked up in a room in the forest house. It is trying to escape here. Can you help it? If you want to help it, come to the game Rescue The Rabbit at abcya 3 to experience it. You will appear in a forest with lots of objects. Your goal is to look at objects to find clues to rescue the rabbit from this room. But the puzzles are difficult and you need to use your brain to think about what the object is for.

Find useful items and then try to unlock the room and rescue the little rabbits. Countless items are waiting for you to find. You need to use your intelligence and agile observation. Try to find all the useful items. Then combine them and solve the riddle. This game will make you have a better mind if you overcome this challenge. Puzzle games always bring you interesting attractions and mysteries. Win the challenge of the game with your skills. Click on all the items to see what you can harvest.

Don't be afraid to challenge yourself more to the puzzle game Rescue The Rabbit at What if you shared a puzzle game for your friends? Let's invite your friends to start the game so that we can get the most out of your brain. Be smarter when you pass a puzzle. It would be great if you allowed yourself to take part in another similar puzzle role such as School Panic and Color Switch 

How to play: Use the mouse to be able to find all the useful items.

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