• Doc Honeyberry Kitty Surgery

Doc Honeyberry Kitty Surgery

Doc Honeyberry Kitty Surgery

Do you love animals? Join the online game Doc Honeyberry Kitty Surgery at abcya 3 games to challenge the job of taking care of pets. Start right now! Happier!

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Doc Honeyberry Kitty Surgery GamePlay:

Play the role of a pet care doctor in the online game Doc Honeyberry Kitty Surgery at abcya 3 games to help this cute little cat from the trash. Wound care and healing of broken bones. Once rehabilitated, dress the kitten in a variety of styles and colors of clothing, pants, shoes, and hats, and try on different patterned skins.

Cute cat makeup! You will have a lot of work done in this game. Together we will participate in a very interesting and exciting. You will do well on supposedly fun tasks. Pick up the cat from the trash and follow all the special care procedures. What are you waiting for? Start participating in the online game Doc Honeyberry Kitty Surgery at https://abcya3.net/. You will attract and attract all the players. Are you ready to become a pet care doctor? Game with very simple gameplay. You will follow the arrows and watch the clockwork completed. You will have easier access to activities.

The first will be to wash the cat very clean, take care of the wound, apply for medicine, and bandage open wounds. The cat will quickly get better and more beautiful and start helping him become more beautiful with interesting clothes in the collection. There are full accessories for you to decorate the cat. All will be present in this exciting game. You will love it the first time you play it. Let's get off to a great start! To practice more skills about pet care you can play some other games similar to My New Years Sparkling Outfits and My Unique Prom Look

How to play: Use the mouse to play.

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