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Double Guns

Double Guns

How well can you use both of 2 hands at the same time? Let’s try to use two guns and shoot down all targets to get the highest score in Double Guns online at abcya3

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Double Guns GamePlay:

Most people aren’t able to use 2 hands to do 2 things at the same time? How about you? Can you use both of your hands like using your left hand to write and your right hand to play the piano? It’s just an example. In Double Guns at abcya, you have to use 2 guns, one in your left hand and one in your right hand to shoot down all targets.

It looks quite simple and easy, but once you start playing, you would know how hard it is. You must aim and shoot, fire 2 guns at the same time while the target is floating in the air. In order to get the high score, you must shoot at the target and don’t let it fly out of the screen. If it falls out of the screen, you fail and the game ends.

Your objective here is to get the highest score as you can. Each target has a strength bar that you have to make it drop to 0, then another target will appear. The game at abcya3 challenges your ingenuity. You should wait until the target falls low, then start shooting. When the target is high, if you shoot it, it will easily fall out and you will get nothing except for playing again and again but still getting a low score. So, you must use trick and apply a wisely strategy to get the highest score. Good luck! Let’s see how well can you use both of 2 hands at the same time?

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How to play: Use left arrow key to control the left gun and right arrow key to control the right gun Plumber Game & Burger Fall 

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