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Draw Best

A thrilling battle has begun. However, it’s not related to weapons and enemies. It’s a battle of drawing. Are you excited? In Draw Best, you join a competition to find out who is the best drawer. Choose a word, then draw it and rate the masterpiece of eac

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Draw Best GamePlay:

Draw Best is an awesome multiplayer online drawing game in which you take part in a real-time drawing competition with other players all over the world. At game abcya3, you have to show off your drawing skills. Yes, it’s not about the battle related to weapons and blood but it’s a true battle about pencil and colors.

This game is so fun and addictive that will keep you playing for sure. You enter a room consisting of many online players. In front of your eyes are a whiteboard and a pallet with various colors. The game gives players a list of 3 words. Here at abcya free, each player can choose each word that they prefer. The word that is chosen by the most players will be used. It’s time to draw.

All players start drawing and must finish their masterpiece in a certain time period. Use your imagination and creation to create the best drawing. You are free to use any color as you like.After that, players have to rate their opponents' drawings. Who have the most votes is the winner. And he or she earns points. In this game, you and other players even can communicate with each other by using an in-game chatting feature. Show off your talent and engage people with your unique art of work. Have a great time!

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How to play:

Use your left mouse to play.

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