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Duck Life 7: Battle

Duck Life 7: Battle

Such a bad day. You are the king little duck. But suddenly, you are sent to a strange land. You have to fight to find the way back home. Play Duck Life: Battle at abcya3

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You are the king of duck kingdom. One day, a tornado has appeared and mysteriously sent you and your people to an unknown land. In Duck Life: Battle, you have to fight all over this land to find the way back home. However, it’s the land of the most bad-ass warriors. You hardly win them without any skills and weapons. In order to save your life and bring your people to the homeland, you will start training yourself. Some kind people will help you.

Here, first you must go to Dojo to meet Duck master and he will help you improve your skills. You can be trained up to level 20. There are 5 skills for you to choose from including defense, health, power, special, and speed. For each skill, you have to finish a certain mission. The higher level is, the more opportunity you can win the battle, so try your best to get the highest level as you can. In the training process, you also collect coins to buy a weapon later. Customize the look and train the skills to become the strongest, fastest and most skillful duck warriors.

After training, you will explore this land and fight around. Don’t forget to interact with other ducks to find the way to return home at abcya online. This game offers turn-based combat. You compete against different opponents who have a special skill. Be ready to face that. Will you return home successfully? Are you confident enough to win the battle? Good luck. Experience more fun games available at abcya games. Some of the great choices for you are World Craft and Madmen Racing 3. Check it out.


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Release Date

Wednesday August 1 2018


Duck Life: Battle was developed by Wix Games



Use your mouse and arrow keys to play this game.

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