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Flip Cube

Flip Cube

You not only need to have a fast mind but an also a fast hand to play Flip Cube - a fast-paced arcade game. It can say that this game is both simple and challenging. It’s not easy to get a high score at all. You must think quickly and act fastly. More than that, timing is the most important thing. Play Flip Cube online at abcya games now!

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Flip Cube GamePlay:

If you want to get a record score in Flip Cube, you need to react really fast. A white block joins a long journey to the sky. It wants to go up as high as possible, but along the way, it faces many challenges. There are tons of dangerous things waiting for it ahead. How can it fulfill its dream at abcya 3 free?

This white block needs your help. In this fast-paced arcade game, you just need to help it avoid the dangers by turning to left and right side of the road constantly. It sounds so easy but it isn’t. The moving speed of the block is really fast and the number of obstacles is dense, so you not only need to observe carefully but react fastly to dodge them.

You easily get dizzy because everything passes extremely fast in front of your eyes. This abcya online game is not about skill or intelligence. It’s all about speed and reaction. Give it a try and let’s see what your highest score is. It’s a single player game. You totally enjoy the great experience by yourself but if you compete with your friends, you will have more fun. So, don’t forget to challenge your friends to find out who is the better player. Good luck!

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How to play:

Use your left click to play game.

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