Impossible Bottle Flip - It’s all about balance and finesse

  • Impossible Bottle Flip

Impossible Bottle Flip

Impossible Bottle Flip

The plastic bottle is not only used for holding water but used a material to develop the game and Impossible Bottle Flip at abcya is a must-try option that you shouldn’t miss.

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Impossible Bottle Flip GamePlay:

Have you heard of a hot trend called flip the bottle? Young people all over the world have participated in this challenge. Nowadays, the plastic bottle is not only used for holding water but also inspired to create the game and the game is going to be introduced you next named Impossible Bottle Flip - a digital version of flip the bottle trend.

At abcya, your objective is to flip the bottle through the room onto several household objects to get to the finish without falling down. This game is all about timing, balance, and finesse. It challenges your finesse. Are you ready for this challenge? Jump into the game now and prove that you are one of the best players around the world. The control mechanism of the game is simple.

You just need to swipe using your mouse or finger (if you play in mobile devices) to flip the bottle. Swipe higher make the bottle go higher. Here at abcya3, one of the most difficult things is that you must estimate the distance between the obstacles to adjust the force that you swipe on the screen. Some objects will move continuously such as vacuum cleaner, so you will find it really hard to make the bottle flip over the next destination without falling down.

Launching your bottle as skillfully as possible from the beginning to the finish to conquer this game successfully. You should try to practice sometimes to get a feel for the gameplay. Then, start the challenge after you’re ready. Don’t forget to challenge your friends to have more fun. Play more games at such as  double-guns & Happy Glass

How to play: Use your mouse to flip the bottle.

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