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Penguin Diner 2 is a restaurant simulation game with polar birds. Mission of the game is to seat penguins, take their orders, serve them food and to do the bills. Fulfill their requests promptly else the penguins are very angry.

Penny the Penguin is back home and ready to serve once more in Penguin Diner 2! Unsatisfied with the quality of food after returning home, Penny decides to make some changes and open her own restaurant!After returning to Antarctica from Arctic, Penny decided to open her own restaurant. With Penguin Diner 2 at ABCya 2 Games free, you will help Penny organize and manage her restaurant, then her dream of owning the best diner in Antartica will come true.


Firstly, you take orders from customers, serve the ordered dishes, then pick up your tips and clean the table when the customer is done eating. Remember that Penny can carry 2 plates at one. When the restaurant gradually attracts many customers, you buy upgrades which will make your guests feel comfier and earn your bigger tips.


- Play through 4 exciting diners
- Get LOADS of cool upgrades in the shop
- Get awesome themed diner party packs
- Have fun dressing Penny up in adorable uniforms
- Follow a delightful comic-style storyline of Penny's adventure
- Meet the cutest-ever inhabitants of the Antarctic!

Besides, the better your chef is, the quicker your food gets cooked. It’s not too complicated, isn’t it? You can do it! Find other interesting games at game ABCya2 such as Penguin Diner.Much fun!



Help Penny run the restaurant by seating customers, taking their order, delivering their food and cleaning up after they leave! Things can often get busy though so you must be quick! Collect the customer’s tips and use the money to upgrade your restaurant and Penny’s gear to make the restaurant the best that it can be!

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