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Hot Dog Bush

Hot Dog Bush

The presidency has ended. hence a lot of people are starving in this city. Join now in the game Hot Dog Bush at abcya3 games to help them have delicious meals.

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Hot Dog Bush GamePlay:

Selling all that bread and food to these hungry New Yorkers. Interesting, right? You have participated in this game Hot Dog Bush at abcya3 games and performed the task of becoming the kindest person. Take a look at the customer's order meals on top and prepare the hot dogs according to their requirements. They may like to eat burgers or hot dogs. So you need to bake all the bread to get it ready and distribute it to everyone in this place.

You need to be agile because there are a lot of hungry people waiting for you in the game. If you are slow they will not be able to get the desired meal and others will insert it on top. Try to give them cool drinks and some delicious sandwiches so they can have the best meal today. You can observe very quickly and use your smart brain in this game to complete. Do not overcook the hot dogs. Serve as quickly as possible to get extra tips and don't let customers wait too long because they will leave. Achieve your sales goal and become the most professional sales shop ever and meet all the requirements.

Please prepare sausages and other foods according to customer orders. create the most delicious bread and distribute it to all the people waiting here. They come so crowded that you need to please everyone by serving in the best way. can you confidently do that? Try to get yourself the highest amount of money and give yourself a lot of fun when participating in a game. Don't forget to join your friends in this game Hot Dog Bush at to explore a new selling game genre that you have never been to. Do not hesitate to join in a few other interesting selling games like Apple Dumplings and Baked Ziti

Control: Use the mouse to make a lot of fast dishes.

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