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  • Transporter Hot Pursuit

Transporter Hot Pursuit

Transporter Hot Pursuit

You are a wanted criminal. Police are looking for you everywhere. They found you in an abandoned city. Jump in your car and escape in Transporter Hot Pursuit at abcya online games

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Transporter Hot Pursuit GamePlay:

You are a criminal who is wanted all over the world. You hide in an abandoned city but they found you. It’s how a thrilling chase and escape journey begin. Transporter Hot Pursuit online game is a fast-paced driving game in which you are trying to escape from the police. Sit behind the wheel of a supercar, you run away from the police car chasing you behind.

The police will catch you at all costs and throw you in jail if you are slow. If you don’t want to be caught, you need to be fast. Take advantage of your driving skills to get away from the police. Don’t let them catch up you. Run around the city with the high-speed at Look at the minimap to know the location of the police and have a great plan to avoid. You must use your knowledge of the streets in the city to drift and make tight turns around the bends to lengthen the distance between you and the police.

You are a skillful driver and you won’t let them ease to throw you in jail. If they approach you closely, you can always use the nitro boost to create distance between you and them. However, try your best to not get crashed into the wall because it makes you run out of energy faster. If the car is out of fuel, let’s try again. Feel the thrilling racing experience in this abcya game as you are a criminal who is being chased by the police. Stay safe and good luck!

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How to play: Use WASD or arrow keys to drive, Spacebar to brake, F to use nitro, R to repair and C to change the camera.

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