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Blob Runner 3d

Blob Runner 3d

Start the challenge with some extreme action now in a newly released game genre Blob Runner 3d at abcya3 games online. Let's enjoy it together to find joy for you.

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Blob Runner 3d GamePlay:

You transform from a human body into slime and perform amazing flying actions. This is not an ordinary running game but the most amazing slime experience game ever. Let's start with a 3D art style to enjoy the most comfortable moments. First, you need to overcome countless obstacles in the game Blob Runner 3d at Your goal is to collect as many slimes as possible to help your body get stronger and take on as many challenges as possible. Switch and do lots of evasive actions to get you a high score.

So when you reach the finish line, you will become a small slime ball. Try to jump as high as possible and fly to the farthest end. Try to avoid countless traps like moving mortars. You can completely move left or right to keep this self safe. This is a game with a combination of running and avoiding obstacles to help you get the most agile hands. Slimes are waiting for you to collect them in the funniest mood ever.

Relax and skip all the stress while participating in this slime quest. Explore a lot of levels in the back by the highest score you have ever achieved. Why don't you invite your friends to join this game Blob Runner 3d at abcya3 games online so that together they can transform into slime balls with a high score. Enjoy more here and great things in other similar games like The Aviator and Turquoise Blocks

Control: Use the arrow keys to help the player can left and right to dodge traps.

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